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  • Dual Pump Skid
  • Dual Pump Skid
  • Dual Pump Skid
  • Dual Pump Skid
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Dual Pump Skid


The Dual Pump Skid is proudly manufactured in the USA.  The skid features a welded aluminum frame for durability and strength, along with schedule 80 PVC plumbing for long-lasting and corrosion resistant equipment. Equipped with stainless steel pressure transducers and clear swing check, this skid also includes temperature sensors on each pump to protect the equipment from overheating.


The Stainless Steel pump is rated for use with ozone, making it suitable for some of the toughest water pumping applications. Additionally, the skid comes with a color touch screen interface that is both intuitive and user-friendly, allowing for easy operation. It is also Mod Bus capable via an Ethernet port, providing seamless integration with other systems for enhanced functionality and control. Whether for industrial, commercial, or residential use, the Dual Pump Skid offers redundancy, long-lasting performance, and advanced features to meet the diverse needs of water pumping applications.



-Welded Aluminum Frame

-Variable Frequency Drive (Nema 4X Enclosure)

-Stainless Steel Pressure Transducer

-Temperature Sensor (Adjust Hi & Low set points for auto shut-off & restart)

-Stainless Steel Pump (Ozone Rated mechanical seals)

-Redundant Pumps- to prevent down time & maximize the life of the pumps


Touch-Screen Controller Features

-UL Listed IP66 Enclosure (all of our electricians are individually UL Certified)

-Color Touchscreen Interface

-Mod Bus Capable (through ethernet port)

-Run Time Scheduler- 24 on/off events per 24 hr period

-Built-in Run Time Tracking- Time logs each pump’s run hours and balances the hours between the two pumps. Maximizing the life of the pump.

-Lead-Lag Pump Control

-Monitors and Reacts to Pump Temperature & Pressure Reading

-Low-Water Sensor Alarm Input- To prevent seal damage from running dry.

-Adjustable Pressure (PSI)

-Capability for monitoring all status, alarms, and inputs. And controlling the skid via remote connections.


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