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So often in the search for better solutions to help us grow healthier better producing plants, we look at many technologies and attempt to compare the strengths of one vs the others. We often tell people that there are very few “bad” technologies but there are many good technologies that are mis-applied. This creating a losing situation for both the customer and the company that sold an otherwise good technology into the wrong application. We want our potential customers to have a realistic understanding about what our technology is able to accomplish so that both the customer and our company come out of the relationship with our goals achieved. The following chart was made for that reason, to help you reach an understanding of each ones capabilities. We look forward to providing science based answers to any questions you may have after reviewing the comparison .


Advanced Treatment Technologies has the experience to handle projects of all shapes and sizes. Our team off professionals has worked on projects ranging from 5-6,000 gpm, and we are proud to have left a positive impact on the facilities we serve.


Plant Agriculture

At Advanced Treatment Technologies, we design systems that are tailored to your specific crop needs to ensure maximum yield and robust plant development.   A well oxygenated root zone naturally eliminates Pythium & Phytophthora, and allows more efficient nutrient uptake. That just scratches the surface on the benefits of this technology. 


For the last 25 years we have designed and manufactured systems for hydroponic, aeroponics, aquaponics, and more! Let us know how we can help you on your next project! 

Licensed Cannabis Grower?

Explore some of our projects and benefits 

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